Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Facts, just The Facts.

It's now been a few weeks since Brexit and we now have a new prime minister.  Posh boy Cameron is going -eventually, no doubt to some very lucrative consulting post or two.

It's quite bizarre that the most important vote in a generation was decided on ,let's be honest -bullshit.

The remain camp went into full overdrive with predictions of doom and gloom. We were facing a third world war, poverty, mass unemployment ...and worse.

Whereas the leave camp were guilty of exaggerating things like how much we pay to the EU. So basically the electorate didn't have a bloody clue what was going on.
Whether you voted remain or leave the saddest thing about the whole affair was that the British people were robbed. They were robbed of being treat like inteligent human beings.

They were talked down to by both sides. Vilified by both sides. And they were denied real debates on the pros and cons of a better life in our out of the union.

I think it's the first time that the left and right has teamed up with such vigour for pro and leave so it wasn't really a lefty attack on  leave or a right wing attack on remain.
And our ' beloved 'prime minister morphing into the grim reaper  was just unbelievable, and the drivel he was coming out with, wow.

I think though that the remain camp won this referendum. Unfortunately for them they won it for leave.
They wheeled out sanctimonious 'millionaires' to tell us to stay.
Eddie Izzard on question time alone must have sent so many people to leave. His beligerent badgering of Farage was embarrassing. Okay Eddie your a millionaire who no doubt lives in the USA as much time as your in the UK how the hell do you know how the EU effects average people.

Then you had Bob Geldoff. The holier than thou savior of Africa ( in his head) shouting at working class fishermen on the Thames.
Yeah okay Bob tell us how you can even begin to remotely understand what its like to be a fisherman who is loosing his livelihood? By the way on a side note how the hell did you become so rich helping kids eh ?

Then you had the grand muppet of all Gordon Brown. One of the most unpopular PM of  all time( I know , I havent forgotten Blair but everytime I even think of that b#####d I want to throw my computer out of the window) .
As for Gordon Brown though,  the same idiot who sat and watched as the biggest financial crisis hit the world since the 20 s. Then gave millionaires our money to sort it out.Idiot.
And Nicola Sturgeon !. I was cheering for an independent Scotland sadly they didn't get it. Everyone has the right to self rule. But it's become pretty obvious that the SNP doesn't want to run its own country. It just wants free from England. They are quite happy to bend the knee ( sorry, game of thrones nod there) to another master.
Only instead of having quite good terms within the UK for self governance they would actually surrender to the EU. How the hell is that self governance?

I honestly believe if these sanctimonious and pious fools had kept their heads down we may still be in Europe.
So we'll done chaps for helping us to leave...bravo.

These people don't get it, especially celebrities. A few months ago when Jude Law and other assorted luvvies descended on a refugee camp to tell us normal Brits to open our borders we just looked and laughed. Millionaires again, telling average people what to do. There's one thing for sure they wouldn't want the refugees living in their millionaires rows, hamlets or villages.

Don't get me wrong I'm not slagging of people who wished to remain in Europe, just the rich detached fools who think they are better than us plebs.

Another thing about the remain camp which for me was appalling was  the way they took the murder of that young MP and used it for their own political ends. We had a long line of celeb's wearing their hearts on their sleeves and shouting how we should stay in Europe for Jo Cox.
Shameful absolutely shameful.  If you think I'm being unfair their,  I defy anyone to find any news of her murder or legacy ,,,after the referendum was done?

The British people deserved better they really did. We were treat like fools. We were attacked by propoganda and fear tactics. We very rarely got an informed debate just hyperbole.

Myself I'm glad we left. The EU is undemocratic,self serving and elitist. I mean good god you could right pages and pages on what's wrong with it.
Here's just one though. Speaking of the all the very rich people who came out to lecture us and look down their noses at us there was also Neil Kinnock. Have I missed something here. He ran the labour party, he took it no where yet he got a job for life deciding very important things for the people of Europe. How the hell did that happen?

One of the leading lights in the leave campaign was George Galloway. So often I disagree with this guy but when it came to Europe he was on the mark. Shame his friend and lifelong Euro sceptic Corbyn didn't have the strength of his convictions to stand up and say he too wanted to leave.

So as I say we aren't leaving Europe because the country is confident we will be better of out,  but because we voted againt being governed by unelected beaurocrats and talked down to by over bearing over paid celebs and ex politicans.

Whether we will be better for it, time will tell.  For me it's a no brainer. I would rather our country went down the crapper because we bought it on ourselves rather than be beholding to some pious German and her cronies- and then watching it go down the crapper.

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