Friday, 22 July 2016

The far right is getting bigger

Jason Burke wrote in his book  ten years ago that al queda isn't the problem. It's the loners that will come to define Islam .
Sadly he knew what he was talking about. 
What is happening in the west in the name of Islam is unbelievable but what is more shocking is the way our leaders and authorities refuse to deal with it. 
Their answer is to apologise for so called islamophobia and shout 'it's a religion of peace'

Can you imagine during the second world war Britain throwing open its gates to German refugees; after all not all Germans were Nazis. But we wouldn't have let any in , it would have been madness. Yet here we are doing the very thing that is going to destroy us.

Yes there are many genuine refugees but I'm not going to do what officials do and say 'most are genuine and nice' how the hell do they know that. Have they sat down and interrogated every single one. 
It's the same as when they defend Islam as a religion of peace. How do they come to this conclusion? Have they spoken to them all ?

This blog was started to target the far right. Islam itself is also far right. As much as you want to deny it, its true. 
The white far right in Europe are nothing in comparison to islamofascism yet we are still preoccupied with the fight against the white  far right. 

Islam is far Right. Not just the terrorists , so called Conservative Islam as well. And Conservative Islam makes up the vast numbers of adherents.
Conservative Islam is misogynist, sexist,racist, homophobic, yet we never equate it as far right.

In Europe we successfully beat the far right. The only reason it keeps getting some growth is because of our moronic leaders refusing to deal with real issues on immigration. 

Europe is engineering its own distruction. At the very least we are going to end up giving that much ground to the religous far right that we will be unrecognisable. This is a real crime against humanity and our pathetic leaders should be on trial for what they are doing to us.

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