Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Stop muslim immigration to civilised equal societies

49 percent of Australians want an end to Muslim immigration!
Are they all racist. Are they hell. They are just fed up.

When I left the BNP I had to reposition my compass. I had gotten that angry that I fell for a lot of their bs.
What's happening now can not be ignored and you don't have to be angry or far right to see it.
We are living in scary times. We have climate change. A massive population that is draining  the planet of resources and several threats of global war.
So why am I botherd about islam ?
Because its something we can do something about, at least in the west. Islam will be responsible for civil wars within europe.
It's not about the color of your skin, or your name .
It's not about where your from or your parents are from.
As I've said in previous posts I'm all in favour of closer untity  between countries -Civilised and modern countries.
Countries that are not so damned occupied with an afterlife that they actually put some importance on this one.
The muslim world does not do this.

I'm not anti-islam because they are muslim. I'm not anti- islam  because they are foreign.  And I'm not anti- islam because it's unBritish.
I'm anti islam because it's backwards. We need to stop immigration to western countries-except for the people who wish to leave islam behind.

If militant and regressive christianty reared it's ugly head I would  be againt that and speak out against it as vehemently . If christianity was still hanging women and torturing non believers I would be a against that ; I would despise it.
But it's not,it's Islam.

Mind you if it was militant christianity there would be far more people shouting for it to be removed from civilised society. The regressive left would be with us.
After all christianity is a white man's religion and we all know how much the left hates itself for being born white.

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