Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Midlife crisis Britain

Okay its been a while, and yes okay I said it was the last post....but, its hard to sit back and watch this world going even crazier!

So what's been happening since brexit?
Bugger all really.

The remainers are still moaning.
The leavers are saying its going to be great. Radical islamists are still blowing shit up.
The rich are getting richer and what's worse our society is getting more and more shallow .

Far to many people worship celebrity and want to be like matter what it takes to join them.
This vile bloke culture is getting worse. Britain is disappearing in a cess pool of alcohol. But what makes it worse it's the older generation that's causing a lot of this.
The country is now full of mid life crisis men and women. Fat men and women walking around with new tattoos and wearing short pants and shirts so as you can see their new ink. This along with their new four wheel drive or sports cars is past a joke....Christ its embarrassing.

Its actually getting to the point that the African and Asians stand out . Why?
Because they look so nice.
They aren't walking around pumped on steroids ,pissed and doing what I like to call- the prison walk. Carrying an imaginary carpet under each arm so they look...ard!!!!!

Christ we need immigrants to try and make us into a better country. But as I've always said , we need the right immigrants.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Brexit means brexit.....The last post

So there we have it, Theresa May has set out the terms for brexit.
I voted to leave but I still have an over riding sense that it didn't have to be like this. The European union could have worked if... the arrogant politicians both here and in Strasbourg had listened to the people.
Instead their point bank denial in any problems with the union and their staggering arrogance allowed parties like Ukip to take over the debate. Similarly we now have these parties on the up throughout Europe.

If the union had only listened to people and their concerns perhaps we would be looking forward to a bright future in Europe.
I genuinely believe that most people don't care about flags, culture or patriotism and other such nonsense. But the problem was we were forced to respect and embrace other people's...No matter how backwards or regressive. This is one of the main reasons we are leaving the union.

So here's hoping the UK doesn't disappear back to the fifties mindset and become regressive. I like many people want to live in a modern and progressive country. Free from religion and cultural constraints.

As I write this the clock is running is down to the inauguration of Donald Trump. Just like here in the UK he wasn't voted for because he's the best candidate, but because the people are fed up with the political elite.
I for one sincerely hope that Trump and brexit work. To wish other wise is madness.
But I don't hold out much hope.
The biggest concern I have for trump is his compete denial on climate change. This is the big threat. Everything else is small in comparison.
Sadly though this climate change denial goes hand in hand with right wing parties and mindsets. They think that the liberal elite lie and force their wills on us plebs         ( yeah I can agree with that) but then they think every thing is a lie.
NO' not everything is a lie !

So' apart from climate change ( we are screwed) it's hard to see what future lies ahead of us. Myself I'm going for between -terrible and cataclysmic.
Therefore this is the last posting on this blog. Here's hoping that we can pull our selves out of this mess...But I doubt it.
I'm going to open a bottle of whiskey find a nice quiet spot and watch the world go to even more shit than it already is...